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If you are a lover of landscapes, extraordinary places and charming towns, this is your tour. We will visit the less populated and known side of Urdaibai, the right edge of the reserve. Let yourself be surprised by its paradisiacal beaches, its sharp cliffs and its fishing ports preserved over time thanks to the copious forests that surround the region.


The Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, a protected natural area that has one of the most important marshes on the Cantabrian coast. The Urdaibai marshes are formed by the Oka and Golako rivers, which at their mouth form an extensive valley that opens towards the sea in a wide estuary, covering a great variety of landscapes such as grasslands, countryside, Cantabrian holm oak forests, marshes and river plains, cliffs, beaches and dunes. It is this landscape mosaic that makes it a space with the highest levels of biodiversity in the entire Basque Country.

Laida and Laga are the largest beaches in the reserve. Laida, at the mouth of the Mundaka estuary, changes its shape with the tides, creating whimsical shapes at low tide that invite you to walk. The environment that shelters the beach is a pleasure to behold, with a Cantabrian oak forest coloring the landscape green against the blue of the sea. Laga is a beautiful, wild dune beach, open to the sea, and sheltered from the imposing Cape Ogoño. An isolated sandy area, with a length of 575m, which on swell days shows a fierce and beautiful nature. Many surfers come to Laga throughout the year to practice this sport.

We will visit Elantxobe, a town known for its steep streets and buildings standing as if they were falling in a silent waterfall from the top of the hill towards the sea. Its labyrinthine stairs allow visitors and residents to explore the steep alleys to discover a thousand and one viewpoints over the blue of the Cantabrian Sea. One of the greatest exponents of seafaring Euskadi, downhill and protected by large dikes, the port is the only flat place to walk in the entire town. Its docks are usually quiet, but are filled with a picturesque hubbub every time a fishing boat approaches to unload the day’s catch.

After which it is time to visit Ea, another picturesque fishing town, not only known for having the shortest name in Spain, also because of its old historic center, its stone bridges, its curious beach and its wonderful watchtower. An impossible port wedged between two hills that protect Ea from storms and create a beautiful walk between the forest and the sea.

Meeting Point

Bilbao, in front of the Puppy of the Guggenheim Museum.

Consult pickup at Hotel or at a specific point.


Between 5 and 6 hours

Duration will be approximate due to possible traffic conditions


80 € per person

For the tour to be confirmed there must be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 participants


Basque, Spanish and English


HEAD OFFICE:Andra Mari Kalea s/n | Gernika-Lumo

PHONES: +34 944 669 804 | +34 689 360 909