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The Villa Juradera, historic center of the General Meetings of Bizkaia

In the center of the Urdaibai Reserve, is Gernika-Lumo, the union of two towns historically as separated as they were united and that time has brutally punished through an epic and devastating bombing.

History has placed Gernika in the center of attention thanks to its Roble jurarero and the painting whose name has gone around the world.

Guide Tour

A walking tour through history


  • Adults: 12 €
  • Children: 8 €
  • Groups between 14 and 20 people : 140 € (+ IVA)
  • Groups between 20 and 30 people: 170 € (+IVA)


  • For the visit to take place, the minimum fee that will be applied will be 60 € (5 adult tickets), whether or not there are enough people.
  • For groups of more than 30 people, we recommend dividing them into 2 groups both for logistics and comfort.
  • Check availability, languages, special rates and other queries.

A very entertaining walking tour to explore Gernika-Lumo, where you will learn many facts and curiosities about Basque culture, our history and traditions, what really happened in the bombing of 1937 or who really inspired the iconic painting painted by Picasso… among others. curiosities. We will visit the Casa de Juntas (provided there is availability), an original air raid shelter and the replica of Picasso’s painting.

We will have the opportunity to delve into the corners that give identity to the town that brings together the main symbols of the history of Bizkaia: from the Foral Oak, ancestral meeting point of the Basque peoples, the institutional headquarters of the Government of Bizkaia, live a audiovisual experience inside a bomb shelter, learn about the oldest building in Gernika and its fundamental role during the tragic bombing and we will tell you in front of the replica of the painting “Guernika” by Picasso the anecdotes and curiosities that made him an international icon.

In short, a complete tour through the ancient and more recent history of a Villa that has marked the history of our culture.

Information and bookings:

Free Tour

Free paid visit


  • All audiences: free price

How does a free tour work?

  • A “free tour” is a “Free Price” guided tour of the city where the history, culture and lifestyle are explained. Currently, it is already the first option chosen by travelers in any city they visit.
  • The concept “free” means “free” in English but also “free”. In this case, it means “free payment tour”, that is, the traveler decides how much they give to the guide at the end of the tour based on their experience and the quality of the visit.

You’re lucky! Our “Free Tour” is the best way to discover the Foral Village and make your way through one of the most important Natural Reserves in the Basque Country, URDAIBAI.

Our local guides will show you the town in a very entertaining way and with the typical Basque character, so that you fall in love with Gernika in the same way we do.

You will learn about the great medieval history and how Gernika became the center of Basque culture and politics thanks to the Fueros.

We will discover the details of the tragic bombing that destroyed the Villa and we will visit the buildings that survived, echoing their historical importance.

Our Free Tour in Gernika is designed so that both adults and children can enjoy the guided tour.

At the end of the tour, our guides will give you advice on where to eat and drink, both in Gernika and throughout the Urdaibai region. Because, we are in the middle of a Biosphere Natural Reserve!

Book the Free Tour Gernika – Lumo ON THE CALENDAR and don’t miss out on your place.

Information and bookings:

  • Address: Andra Mari Kalea s/n | GERNIKA-LUMO
    • Next to the Tourist Office and Euskal Souvenirs
  • Phone: (+34) 944 669 804
  • E-mail: