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Our tours, guided tours and van excursions

Here you will find all the tours we have available for different dates and groups. Whether you are a company or an individual, you will have a wide variety of guided tours and excursions to enjoy Urdaibai in all its splendor.

We are local guides, we have grown up in Urdaibai and we know our land, Euskal Herria, well, from which we have learned to value, respect and promote both the cultural and natural heritage that surrounds us.

Gernika - Lumo

The Juradera Village

Gernika is well remembered for the bombing and Picasso’s painting, but its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when the oak tree known as “The Tree of Gernika” was the pillar of a society that was governed under the governance of the fueros. and the “Lords of Bizkaia”. Symbol of a town that has risen from the rubble of an unprecedented catastrophe.


The Sailor Village

Bermeo was once the “Head of the Province” and one of the most important commercial ports in the Cantabrian Sea. It once had trade routes that linked the Señoría de Bizkaia with northern Europe. It has also been a whaling town and a benchmark in the world for bonito fishing, being today the World Tuna Capital. A town that has preserved its essence over time.


The Mecca of Surfing

Mundaka could be defined as the perfect town to enjoy the summer through its streets that lead to a small fishing port, but the truth is that he has always been a great worldwide reference Well, here they come to surf the Best Left Wave in Europe; a gem for surfers around the world. It is also an ideal place to enjoy with the family.


Biosphere Natural Reserve

Urdaibai is the only Biosphere Natural Reserve that we have in Euskadi and occupies 10% of the province of Bizkaia. It covers about 200 square kilometers and among its natural wonders we can find beaches, wetlands, forests, rivers, islands and towns where history, culture and gastronomy form the perfect tandem to enjoy all types of outdoor activities with family and groups.