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Experience & Travel Team

We are URDAIBAI EXPERIENCE & TRAVEL, Tourism Agency based in Urdaibai, Vizcaya Biosphere Natural Reserve.

This project was born with the idea of ​​creating experiences mainly within the municipalities that make up Urdaibai, both for tourists who visit us and for locals who wish to enjoy their environment a little more and better.

We are also a Travel Agency dedicated to expanding horizons with our Group Trips to the rest of the world. Different trips, to different places but with the idea of ​​getting to know the local culture and life.

And all, always accompanied by our own local Guides.

We have created a local team, dynamic and involved with the region in which we carry out our tours…URDAIBAI

We have been accompanying guides for more than 20 years, we have traveled to more than 60 countries and we organize trips to explore every corner of the planet in groups.

Iñigo Landa

Founder, CEO and local guide

After more than 15 years in the tourism sector traveling around the world, we created this project with enthusiasm and passion to show our land and our roots through close experiences, without forgetting our group trips to every corner of the planet.


Iñaki Alegría


A lifetime dedicated to making our values ​​and heritage known is what has led us to create this unique project in Urdaibai, where through our experiences we reflect our character and history.


Maite Arrieta

Travel agent and local guide

As a cultural and heritage manager, I am delighted to create experiences that connect visitors with the wonders that Urdaibai has to offer. My long career traveling, living and working in different settings around the world confirms to me the importance of cultural exchange to value the treasures that make each corner of the world special.



Local guide

Learning and training every day is essential to understand the land where we live, the culture, the people and the environment that surrounds us, making each day a new adventure to enjoy.

Our Philosophy

At Urdaibai Experience & Travel we believe that tourism that is respectful of the environment, the local economy and the people who reside in the places we show to the travelers who accompany us is possible.

We are committed to promoting a sustainable way of traveling among our visitors and travelers, giving value to the environment, local businesses and companies, culture and traditions. For this reason, we are part of CETS, the Urdaibai Sustainable Tourism Charter.