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Have you just arrived in URDAIBAI and want to learn about its history and culture on a guided tour?

A good and simple way to learn about the history of our towns, supporting our local guides, is through a FREE TOUR and at Urdaibai Experience we give you the opportunity to do so in 2 of the most recognized towns in our region: Gernika and Bermeo. You can do both Free Tours in both Spanish and English and you will enjoy an experience tailored to you.


SPANISH | ENGLISH (Check availability)


HEAD OFFICE:Andra Mari Kalea s/n | Gernika-Lumo

PHONES: +34 944 669 804 | +34 689 360 909

  • Reservations are necessary as groups have limited capacity. With these measures we guarantee small groups and closer and more personal treatment.

  • For logistical reasons we do not accept more than 30 people in the same reservation on the tour. Generally we usually enter the Meeting House (depending on availability) and currently, they only admit 32 people per hour (31+guide) under prior reservation which will be made by Urdaibai Experience.

  • If you are a group of 15 or more people you can book a private excursion. Contact us for more information and prices. More information here.

  • The historic center of the Villa de Gernika, in addition to being pedestrian, has some slopes and some stairs. Although it is a tour accessible to people of all ages and conditions, we still recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

  • If someone has mobility problems such as strollers or wheelchairs, the tour will be adapted for everyone and if we are in winter, an umbrella would not hurt.

  • As a general rule, if there is a total of less than 4 people, the tour can be canceled, a situation that is not usually common. In addition to having a tourist information point next to the square, we will be happy to give you various options for things to do and indications of all kinds. Do not hesitate to contact us.