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Guided visits BILBAO

An increasingly cosmopolitan city that continues to advance in giant steps

It is said that Bilbao is the “Capital of the World” and we have no shortage of reasons to affirm it because we have a capital that well deserves applause for its advances in all aspects, both in architecture and in tourism. Gone are those times when the factories and shipping companies, its dark streets or its brown estuary roared in Bilbao. Today, Bilbao has become the center of modern art thanks to the Guggenheim Museum and the transformation of the Nervión estuary.


Since Don Diego López de Haro founded the town on the banks of the Nervión in the year 1300 AD, Bilbao has grown like wildfire. Starting with a few streets in what we know as the Old Town, until it was called “Las 7 Calles” and later expanded to the Ensanche of Bilbao, on the other side of the estuary.

Located between several hills, also called “Botxo”, is a dynamic city, full of life, shops, restaurants, museums, places for walking and leisure and, above all, a great tourist spot where you can enjoy every day of the year. .

In summer, the good weather accompanies exploring the estuary and its new image of modernity, in front of the Guggenheim Museum, protected by “Puppy”, our cheerful mascot that changes flowers every season.

In winter, the streets of the Old Town become a meeting point for lovers of gastronomy and history.

Bilbao’s Gran Vía is the showcase of “shooping” and the best restaurants invade the city offering endless culinary varieties.

In this Tour, we will get to know Bilbao from its origins to the most modern times, without forgetting the character of a town that went from being an inland commercial port to the brand new capital that we will know today.

Meeting Point

To be agreed with the group

Guggenheim Museum, Casco Viejo, etc…


Comfortable shoes and clothing

Water bottle

Raincoat or umbrella in case of rain


Between 1.5 and 2 hours

The duration will be approximate


Every day of the year except designated dates (check availability)


Up to 4 people: €90

Up to 8 people: €120

Up to 12 people: €150

Up to 20 people: €180

More than 20 people: to consult

Consult special prices for languages ​​other than Spanish


Basque, Spanish and English (Check availability)


HEAD OFFICE:Andra Mari Kalea s/n | Gernika-Lumo

PHONES: +34 944 669 804 | +34 689 360 909

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